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General information

We offer marine oriented ship and shore applications that make up complete systems that puts power at your fingertips.

You can choose between already existing systems or challenge us with your own vision of you desired program solution.

Right now we can offer you online software packages:


Liner Agency Program (LAPro) is a modern system for Liner Agents and Principals of regular container or Ro-Ro shipping lines, it works on B2B principle with separation of functions, data and resources of the system in a real mode.


It also covers tariffs, quotations, liner documentation, invoicing, sales, CRM and contains reporting and analysis models.


Internet technologies secure timely intake of data required for execution of documents related to a vessel-call not only by head-office but also by Agents. Information on Liner vessels is immediately available for all involved parties through the internet connection. An access to this information is limited by the system of access-rights. Groups of users with limited rights for access to cargo-related information or with rights for external users, e.g. customs, stevedores etc) can be created. LAPro has been made use by more than 45 companies; the program is easily integrated to accounting systems, cargo-terminals and state systems for tracing the cargo-flows. An operational profit can be calculated at level of a transportation event (e.g. B/L), but a cost-unit can determined otherwise as well.

(c)ONE Terminal is a multifunctional system of management for companies active in stevedoring and warehousing business.

The system covers all requirements for a regular or bonded ware-house, executes a full control and calculation of the cost for loading/ discharging, stuffing / un-stuffing and storage of goods. System can be adjusted not only for any kind of goods, but also for any shapes or sizes of warehouses and grounds. It also provides an exchange of information with other systems via EDIFACT (or XML) and can be integrated with any modern accounting program and can exchange data with other computer systems of a customer (B2B). System (c)ONE has been realized in Muuga port and this turned to be a key-factor for Muuga Container Terminal at acquiring a quality certificate by CTQI standard (Container Terminal Quality Indicator). As per end of 2010, only four terminals worldwide have managed to pass this audit successfully and get certified. 

(c)ONE Oil Terminal was designed to cover requirements of an oil terminal and has the following functionality:

  • Contracts with clients;
  • Conformance of monthly plans and operation schedules with clients, railways and port;
  •  Flexible (multi-format) loading of dispatch information and surveyor figures;
  •  Tracking of RTC movements, planning and fixing loading/unloading of RTC's;
  •  Drill-down stock accounting and forecasting;
  •  Pledge control, ITT (changing of product owner), terminal transfers etc;
  •  Various month-end reporting activities e.g. inventory control;
  •  Preparing plans for terminal operations with detailed instructions and fixing of actual figures;
  •  Loading and discharging vessel documents producing;
  •  Berths utilization graphical planning;
  •  Shore tanks radar monitoring and graphical data presentation;
  •  Integrated customs accounting in 6 different zone types;
  •  Automatic invoice instructions generating
  •  On-line access for clients;
  •  Multi terminal support;
  •  Flexible reporting system.

(c)ONE EDI Portal is a center for a paperless exchange of information, i.e for Electronic Data Interchange using the most modern data-management technologies.

It contains a full set of instruments to make you forget about batches of papers, multiple input of information to different systems with possible mistypes and other unfit tasks. The system supports the following:

  • EDIFACT, XML, PDF, and other formats; 
  •  B/Ls, cargo and freight manifests or other documents;
  •  ICS/ECS Customs formalities (including Estonia and Finland);
  • Electronic invoices and payments;
  • Digital signatures;
  • Public and private on-line web access to the data for the customers and their nominated clients;
  • CMS and much more.

As per end of 2011 liner agents of APL, CMA-CGM, Maersk, MSC, OOCL, Team Lines, Unifeeder, Tschudi Lines, SeaConnect, MannLines use this system.

(c)ONE Forwarding system is online software designed for companies active in forwarding and multimodal cargo transportation.


All messages and documents are organized by references, where the detailed information on quotations and jobs is stored. System simplifies the process of cost estimations, freezes estimated values and smoothly generates quotations. It allows adding updated values for cost and sales invoices to each job, generating sales invoices by one click, easy splitting of cost invoices between jobs. System contain own equipment control (containers, RW cars, vehicles and etc), equipment movements tracing, cost and inspection control. Moreover, (c)ONE Forwarding can be customized for any type of jobs and can be integrated with any external accounting system. It is multilingual system that is applicable for companies having offices in different countries and has flexible rules of data sharing between offices.

(c)ONE Oil Trader is created for operational management, calculation and control in companies involved in purchase, transportation and sale of oil-products.


The following functions are operational in the system:

  • Documenting: purchase/sales contracts, refining, transportation by vessels or railway;
  • Full monitoring on movements of oil-products and on changes of their parameters; possibility for running the stock and turnover reports for any moment or any period;
  • Hedge, input of quotations on various instruments, opening and closing hedge-positions, calculation of the profit/loss and respective distribution of the result over consignments of the physical fuel;
  • Automatic distribution of variable or fixed costs (e.g. purchase, transportation, hedge, bank interests, rent of tanks or salaries) over the consignments, calculation of the profitability of any contract or transportation or unconditioned quantity of fuel taking into consideration either all or defined group of cost accounts;
  • Assessment of the cost value for the fixed stock and stock in transit, it's comparison with the market value, calculation of an estimated income.


(c)ONE Ship Agent system is a perfect working tool designed for a ship's agencies.


(c)ONE Ship Agent:

  • Allows to issue tariff (port dues, navigation charges and etc) and vessel's parameters based offers for port call expenses;
  • Generates the Preliminary Disbursement Account and the Disbursement Account;
  •  Fixes extra costs and vouchers;
  •  Approves and distributes of cost invoices;
  •  Allows to re-invoice clients;
  •  Is integrated with external accounting system (sales, cost invoices and payments);
  •  Issues consignments (B/Ls), cargo manifests, T2L manifests, general declaration, master receipt and statement of facts.


Crew MANagement System (CrewMAN) is software package for personnel management and forming crews for vessels. System covers a wide range of functions required in a modern crew-management.


Designed for Windows, the CrewMAN program consists of three main modules: 

  •  Seaman List: flexible crewing system including diverse functionality for modern office crew management.
  •  Payroll: a complete tailored system for handling the crew and office payrolls for the shipping industry.
  •  PreRegistration: seamen registration system allows flexible examination and recording of opinions on crew.

Internet technologies support an online work for all users of the system organized at B2B principle; it provides the roles of an owner and a technical manager of a vessel. As per end of 2011 the system CrewMAN has been in use by 10 companies.


Quality Management System (QMS Pro) is a computer program designed for solving your Quality and Safety Management challenges and for ship-to-shore reporting through documenting the events in accordance with Quality and Safety requirements.


A special module passes the data from a vessel or a user into a central database making it available for verification and trend analyses on shore. The program supports an export of data into MS Word and Excel with a possibility for creating an own templates. QMS Pro has been realized in EMS Crew Management AS, Tschudi Ship Management AS, Estonian Pilot AS and set up on over 30 vessels.