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Virtual Tours

We are the Estonian leaders in the quality delivery of the immersive imaging technologies FlashHTML5 based Virtual Reality - that can provide for both your clients and visitors an interactive multimedia Fullscreen 360-degree view of your locations and products. Our company have 15 years of experience with development of panoramas and virtual tours.

In so many situations, your customer will greatly benefit by you being able to offer them a perspective with such revealing relational detail - so that they can literally interact and comprehend how the scene is interconnected. Traditional still 2D photographic images are obviously very limited in this respect, whilst video and it's quite impractical file sizes, is of a purely linear nature and hence is also equally restricted in that it is also very possible for the end user to misunderstand important object inter-relationships.

With Virtual Reality panoramas, we creating for the end-user a unique effect of presence on a place of shooting. The user sees all as though from within spheres - with possibility to look upwards, downwards, turn around, approach interesting fragments of a panorama, move from one point of vision to another.

Interactive images allow your visitors to view your retail area, real estate, product, or location in 360-degrees by simply moving their mouse. Viewers are even able to "zoom in" on a chosen area to have a closer look at a detail that is of interest.

We can offer you an extended high degree of viewer flexibility within each panorama with a range of fantastic dynamic extensions such as integral active navigation and additional informative text integration. Our range of expertise includes the production of the highest quality panoramas for seamless integration within your current web site, or if it required - complete web site production.

We will create for your needs a unique visual environment - that will inform, entertain and sell - providing the content for you to offer an extraordinary presence and experience for your visitor in the global marketplace. It will allow you to increase efficiency of your business and sales volumes.

Our following work showcases examples of the immersive imaging technologies in action: individual Virtual Reality panoramas and examples from our client's web sites. Please enjoy this work as much as we did creating it.

EDS Systems OÜ is member of the International VR Photography Association.

EDS Systems OÜ takes part in international project World Wide Panorama, where the specialists all over the world are doing the shoots of panoramas for the given themes at the same day and time.

Our projects were mentioned by The Virtual Reality Magazine.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and to explore the full range of Virtual Reality solutions that we can offer you.

Examples of virtual tours made by EDS Systems OÜ: