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IT outsourcing

Technical Modern IT outsourcing is your saved time and money.

Once and for all you can get rid of computer and office technique problems, entrusting service and support to our experts. Service is carried out according to the regulation, which allows prevent possible system failors or errors. Consultation and training of your employees would let you decrease to the minimum mistakes of the "human factor".

You can solve the office enlargement problems, new computer installation, modernization and integration of the present ones'.

Reserve Copy System creation would provide 100% safety of your high-important data.

Cost reduction

Outsourcing treaty for the computer service allows your company to save money, as you have no need to keep an employee in the staff, provide him workplace and social package, pay taxes. By signing up outsourcing treaty you receive at your disposal whole staff of broad specialists.

Complex approach

  • Delivery, repair and modernization of computers and notebooks;
  • professional installation of servers and workstations;
  • training of computer and office programs to employees;
  • licenced software;
  • BSA audit;
  • wire and wireless networks installation and modernization;
  • ship computer and navigation systems setting up;
  • business applications programming;
  • web-site development and support.

Technical support service pricelist

Prices does not include VAT of 18%

  • IT-specialist services in working hours: 

 (Mo – Fr –

32 EUR / per hour
  •  IT-specialist services at off-time:

 evening (Mo – Sun – 

50 EUR / per hour

 night-time (Mo – Sun – 

70 EUR / per hour

* Minimal fee: per 1 hour

* In case of jobs performed outside Tallinn: travel fee 6.50 EUR + 0.30 EUR / km