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Network construction

Technical Local networks and its expert installation allow increase labour productivity, improve the quality and velocity if customer service. EDS Systems OÜ offers any networs complexity ("turnkey") assembling, including projecting, installation, certification, guarantee and post-warranty service.

Depending on your needs we can construct networks on the basis of any of modern technologies such as FastEthernet, Wireless, HomePlug.

Local networks are constructed on following objects;

  • ESCO (> 2000 m2)
  • Eesti Loots (> 1000 m2)
  • KÜ Nurga 4
  • CF&S
  • Mann Lines Eesti
  • Esteve

In a case, when company branches or offices location is widely spaced (in the other region, city or state), and the connection between local networks is required, we can offer the construction of wide area networks (WAN).

The necessity building or rent of the dedicated channels is in the past. Availability of high-speed connection in the Internet is constantly growing, and therefore Internet more often used is for WAN. To protect the data all traffic is encrypted using the modern encryption algorithms, i.e. between the local networks is constructed the virtual channel (VPN).

Virtual channel is constructed for the following companies:

  • CF&S
  • Eesti Loots
  • Tschudi Logistics
  • Tintrade