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Quality Management System


QMS PRO is on-line software package for all safety and quality documentation control and distribution:


  • It provides document control and electronic distribution of all safety and quality documentation;
  • It is a flexible reporting system, collecting data from the vessel or end user into a central database, making it accessible for verification and trend analysis;
  • It provides a special module for reporting and follow-up of Non Conformities and Corrective Actions following accesses for definite users;
  • It is designed to be simple for the user, emphasising the activities resulting from your Quality and Safety system;
  • It provides with the possibility to exchange only with required data or parameters from the documents decreasing the size of the transferring files and thus numerously saving the expenses for satellite communication;
  • It allows to keep under control all defects mentioned by controlling departments and to follow the results of their elimination.

You can define your own template, and document control fields may be transferred from the QMS PRO database to the MS Excel document to make sure these are always updated.

Possible data registration sheets may be:

  • Safety or quality checklists;
  • Non conformity reports;
  • Administrative reporting;
  • Technical reporting;
  • Others.

The users on board the vessel will always have correct, updated versions of the documentation. Keeping your documentation electronically makes it much easier for users to find their way through the system.

All Work Orders may be triggered for execution. This means that the system can be set to control which safety drills are to be held on any required basis and will remember to check the results. QMS PRO helps you to plan and control all the activities within quality management.

All activities performed as described in QMS PRO are documented and easily searchable. When information is returned to the head office, it is then available for full cross fleet analysis.

Information about QMS (pdf, 850 Kb)