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Crew MANagement System


The Crew MANagement system make up a complete personnel system covering the wide spectrum of functions needed by a modern shipping company. On-line methods ensure correct integration of all office database, guaranteeing that all users, whether in the main office, branch offices or vessels managers, share the same updated crewing and payroll information.


Crew MANagement system, designed for Windows®, consists of the following program modules:

Seaman list:

A highly flexible crewing system including all functionality for modern and advanced office crew management.


A complete specifically tailored system for handling crew and office payrolls for the shipping industry.


Seaman registration systems allow possibilities of flexible examination and opinion registration.

Benefits of Crew MANagement System:

  • All crewing information is readily available through a common data platform
  • All offices are synchronised at all times
  • Time saving: crewing and payroll data need only be entered once
  • A combined system for crewing and payroll saves time and money
  • Export of data to MS Excel® 97 or higher.

The CREW MANagement system is installed in  EMS Crew Management, Tschudi Ship Management, Marine Crew Management; and also in St.Peterburg, Tallinn, Riia, Odessa, Novorossijsk, Oslo, Kopenhaagen, Singapuur, Manila.



Information about CrewMAN (pdf, 1Mb)