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(C)One Terminal


In the modern competitive world warehouses and container terminals have the continuous task to increase traffic capacity while reducing costs.

The software company “EDS Systems OÜ offers the assistance to Your business in rising productivity and cutting down self-costs.


Our software solution (c)ONE Terminal takes into account features of any complicated infrastructure entity either your company import or export business field.


(c)ONE Terminal is an application which by means of fine customisation is able to meet requirements of any container warehouse or terminal.

The scope of possibilities provided by (c)ONE Terminal software package can be divided into several groups:

1. Gaining of information:

  • Input of incoming documents: requests, letters, orders etc. This list can be easily enlarged or changed by the qualified user (Administrator), and if required the similar operation with the same cargo item can be reflected in various documents;
  • Planning and tracing of all types of transport facilities: arrival, mooring (for vessels), beginning of loading, unloading and etc;
  • Tracking results of tally control (when receiving cargo as well as in course of other operations). The results, date & time, involved person, discovered damages and all discrepancies with cargo documents (including serial numbers and label markings) are stored in the system not replacing the data from original documents. Results of control can be organized as tally lists or produced as separate items;
  • Control of documents related with particular cargo operation as well as time of beginning and end of all operations. List of potential operations (such as arrival by truck, shipment by vessel, packing, unloading, cargo movements, loading container on truck and etc) is also handled by Administrator;
  • Tracing of cargo inside warehouses/cargo grounds or between them;
  • Digital signature of set-in documents.

Input of data can be performed by users of the warehouses and terminals or users of client companies as well. Such approach decreases requirements of internal resources for input of incoming information not opening access to all the information of terminal for client companies (principle of “business - to - business”). This is achieved by separation of access to data controlled by Administrator. Namely this very person determines which information, relating to what operations and cargo types can be changed by definite user. Apart from that access to “own” information is limited only for so called external users of the system clients.

2. Storage and access to information:

  • Tracking of operations requested in cargo accompanying documents;
  • Receipt of information about availability of cargo on terminal at present or at any given time in the past;
  • Full history of all cargo operations and list of planned operations as well;
  • Combined access to any information relating to separate cargo item, single document or transport call in general;
  • Flexible formation of reports with free set of parameters and use of register which allow to unify operations into more enlarged groups;
  • Access to information as well as input is settled by Administrator and the system produces selective information for terminal/warehouse / own or 3rd party users.

3. Support of commercial transactions:

  • Maintenance of contracts containing based rules for calculating of storage and cargo operation costs and also automatically determining invoice payers;
  • Minimisation of data input volumes down to parameters required by contracts terms and conditions;
  • Automated preparation / production of invoices for rendered services and possibility to export such invoice data to other accounting systems for further issue. Presently “EDS Systems OÜ“ has interfaces of conjugation with accounting applications : SAP, ShipNet Accounting System, XAL Concord, Hansa Finance, SAF, 1C.

4. Electronic data interchange:

  • The possibility for real-time connection with software modules of equipment facilities control in warehouse and cargo areas (for example “Solvo”) is exist;
  • It is possible to exchange information with module of cargo loading plan;
  • Possibility of two-sided electronic data interchange with client companies, customs and port authorities (incl. EDIFACT data format).

Main merits of (c)ONE Terminal system

Use of technology (c)ONE developed by “EDS Systems OÜ” gives the application interface the following advantages:

  • The whole interface is realised as “WEB-page”, which allows using the application from any PC computer having Internet connection and without initial program installation and its customization. It is sufficient to enter appropriate WEB-page and undergo authorization procedure. And the usage of the software is possible through Web if access rights are available;
  • Inserted full support of keyboard (every operation can be performed even without “mouse”) has the same control keys as Microsoft Excel does and in the same way is arranged monitoring of system menu and navigation by keyboard arrows;
  • The program resumes its work from very same place and status at which the user lost his connection with the program even if his data has not been saved in case of communication connection failure, sudden malfunction of operation system or just change of computer
  • Using of database global transactions technology allows saving all the changes making them accessible for other users. Correct use of this technology allows also carrying out additional control of sequence of inputted data at the moment of saving;
  • The “undo mode” function is realised when letting-in information back to last “save” operation”;
  • The provision is made to set up a single list of previewed objects with possibility of fast return to objects themselves;
  • Absence of blocking “pop-up” windows ( except for error messages) and possibility to work simultaneously with several program menu in one browser window gives possibility to analyze or change other information required for taking of decision even before finishing current data input;
  • Automated search in “pop-up” lists and convenient date editor which accepts date and time practically in any format makes using of the program easier;
  • The program allows users to work in native language while supporting several languages in interface;
  • The application supports data input/output in any language including oriental, arabian or ivrit with words way of writing from left to right;
  • Any data can be exported to Excel or printed in PDF format by pressing of one key ;
  • The system provides the direct access to software support service immediately from the interface;
  • It is possible to send notifications via e-mail, SMS or by means of “pop-up” messages directly in the software interface;
  • There is no necessity to update the software versions on user computers, all the updates take places in server part only.

Advantages of (c)ONE Terminal business-logic

  • Support of all types of transport;.
  • Support of all cargo type and kinds of their stuffing , the system is able to process general cargo and containers;
  • Possibility of summarized cargo description with further specification even after operations of cargo unpacking;
  • Availability of simplified interfaces for input of containers, cars/trucks and roll- trailers (with possibility of revision and introduction of additional interface parts);
  • Any cargo item is described in the system only once, even if several documents are accompanying this cargo;
  • Variety of customized parameters and rules, possibility to work with different types of documents and cargo operations;
  • Keeping records of cargo sites/warehouses structure history along with the history of cargo itself;
  • Availability unify registers for tariffs and statistical purposes;
  • Possibility for selective input of parameters and additional control for correctness of data in time of “closing” so called “transport calls” and orders;
  • Keeping records of non-conformities between tally reports and cargo accompanying documents;
  • Contract system and automatic calculation of cargo operations and storage costs;
  • Report Writer;
  • Electronic “passes” for cars/ trucks or other transport types;
  • Digital signature;
  • Electronic data interchange and feasibility of integration with electronic systems of terminal clients (so called business-to-business method of approach): shipping lines, auto truck companies, forwarding & agent companies, customs authorities etc;
  • Volume of printed documents is kept at minimum or under certain conditions such necessity is absent at all;.
  • System openness for further development.

Advantages (c)ONE technology:

Software application developed under (c)ONE technology based on 4 level approach, that is the business logic is divided into 4 levels though which the information passes in serial order.

1st level (core of the application) is database. The whole business logic is inside this database allowing saving data intact independently of failures in other parts of the application and guarantee high integrity of available data.

2nd level is used for processing of data set-in by users.

3rd level is responsible for communication with users (clients), compression of data sent to users and dispatch of interface elements.

4th level clients' computers.

Every level can be installed practically on any platform used by the customer (EDS Systems OÜ would recommend operating systems of UNIX family). Every level can be located on one or on several computers depending on number of users. Such configuration can be easily changed in case of necessity. (c)ONE Terminal will surely grow along with Your business.

For 4th level (client terminals) it is sufficient to install computers with processors Pentium III 600 at the lowest.

(c)ONE Terminal will assist You to reach 100% of investment.



Information about (c)ONE Terminal (pdf, 1Mb)