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(C)One Ship Agent




The system is an online, paperless and user-friendly system for a company offering Ship agent’s services. The (c)ONE Ship Agent is able to form a working place of a ship agent and works in real time regime.



The system covers wide range of functions required for ship agency services. Internet technologies provide the timely arrival of information required for making up the documents related to a ship-call. The (c)ONE Ship Agent system can be integrated to any modern accounting program.


The (c)ONE Ship Agent system allows to:

  • Make an estimated calculation of costs related to a port-call;
  • Enter and control vessels schedules;
  • Input the information on Bills of Lading and cargo;
  • Draw all required documents in accordance with customs regulations of a country and international regulations on transportation;
  • Enter tariffs of ports by cost types, taking into consideration the adjustments of rates;
  • Enter information on ships parameters for the operational use;
  • Draw the invoices to customers in accordance with provided services;
  • Import/export of data on income and costs invoices from/to accounting system;
  • Link income and costs invoices to each other, to calculate the estimated result;
  • Receive all information required for control, analyze and calculation of financial results;
  • Form and print various reports on costs and incomes;
  • Control the accounts receivables;
  • Distribute information and documents in required profile and in suitable language;

Secure a single input of information for Agent’s use.


The offered (c)ONE Ship Agent system covers the following modules:

  • Tariff / Disbursements;
  • Schedule of ship-calls;
  • Control of invoices;
  • Integration with accounting system;
  • Statistics.


Information about (c)One Ship Agent (pdf, 1.3Mb)