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(C)OneOil Trader



The (c)ONE Oil Trader system is created for companies involved in fuel purchase, transportation and realization. The system is online, paperless and user friendly.

The (c)ONE Oil Trader system allows to:

  • Trace and control fuel purchasing/sales contracts;
  • Arrange fuel movements and trace fuel transportation processes made by various combinations of transport (including railway,
  • vessels, and warehousing) till realization;
  • Arrange the fuel price fixing;
  • Manage and control hedge / pledge operations;
  • Billing and control the situation with payments and debtors;
  • Proportional division of income and expenses;
  • Exchange data with financial system, concerning bills and payments;
  • Calculate profit of operations, based on estimated transportation cost and keep under control the financial results of the contracts;
  • Orient quickly in status of every fuel parcel.

We offer you (c)ONE Oil Trader system which covers:

  • Contracts;
  • Transportation;
  • Invoicing module;
  • Flexible module for price forming;
  • Report building module.

(c)One Oil Trader (pdf, 1.18Mb)