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The logistic software package (c)ONE Forwarding is an online system for the

management of the companies that organize multimodal freight transportation as by their own and by the third party vehicles of various types (trucking, maritime and air transport, railways).


(c)ONE Forwarding allows you to capture the expected, current and actual revenues and expenditures for each transaction, enabling to analyze the profitability and the accuracy of predictions, as well as the periodized income and expenses. The records of contracts and tenders for transportation, which are the basis for the automatic creation of client accounts, are organized in the system, as well as fixing the expected costs. (с)ONE Forwarding allows to keep track of the own equipment (containers, railway cars, trucks and other vehicles), to monitor their movements, to control costs and pass examinations (tests). The software package is able to send and receive EDI messages from external systems, clients and / or partners. The system is designed for corporate work and can be integrated simultaneously with several accounting systems.


(c)ONE Forwarding allows you to:

  • Commit an application for transportation;
  • Make a preliminary cost estimate for transportation;
  • Introduce and monitor tariff rates, to comply cost manuals;
  • Issue all necessary transportation documents in accordance with international shipping rules: SMGS, CMR, Bill of Lading, cargo manifest, General declaration, Statement of facts etc.;
  • Manage a warehouse: to monitor and calculate the cost of operations, loading, unloading and storage of goods;
  • Issue out the warehouse and shipping documentation;
  • Create, print and send invoices by e-mail;
  • To organize the recept and distribution of expense invoices, calculate preliminary profit on transportation;
  • Export revenue and expense invoices to external accounting systems;
  • Monitor the payment of invoices;
  • Create and print various reports of expenditures and revenues.

The proposed system is tuned to the features of a particular business (s) and contains a flexible reports generator.


Information (c) One Forwarding (pdf, 1.10Mb)