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Liner Agency PRO


LAPro (Liner Agency Program) is a modern system for Liner Agents and Principals if container or Ro-Ro Lines, that works online on B2B principle with separation of functions and data.


The LAPro software package is a complete system for Liner Agents, developed by EDS Systems. The system covers a wide range of functions required for organizing the shipping lines and liner agency services. The internet technologies ensure timeliness of receipt of data needed to process each vessel-call by all users, both in the headquarters and at all Agents. Information on liner ships is available via Internet to all users from the moment of entering it into the system.

The separation of access rights of users to the data is implemented in the program at level of the entry forms, reports, and tables. It allows to protect the commercial information of companies at one party, and to create the groups of users with access to certain cargo-related information at other parties (such as terminals, harbor). The input of data from different sources is constantly synchronized in time. The log provides a history of input modifications in all major fields of data entry.


The system is easy to install at the working place of an Agent and is also easy to maintain. In case of signing the ASP (Application Service Provision) contract with a client, small changes of the program may be made within few minutes.


The software package enables creating the documents taking into consideration the national languages, whereas any data should be entered to the system only once. The program has a statistics module, which is based on the data entered into the system.


The possibility of integrating with most of accounting programs is realized in LAPro.


Apart of printing all documents on the printer, the system allows to generate PDF documents, export data to MS Excel and / or to send them via email.


The offered system LAPro comprises in addition the following modules:

  • Tariffs / rates / contracts /tenders;
  • Liner documentation / invoices;
  • Sales / CRM (Client Relation Management),
  • Reports.

Liner Agency Pro fully covers a workstation of an Agent, but can also be integrated with a more global system (c)ONE EDI Portal, which includes:

  • Timetable Liner vessels;
  • Module of documentation control;
  • Module of control on the Line’s equipment;
  • Customs procedures ICS / ECS;
  • Integration of data from the Agent’s subsystems;
  • Statistical module.



    Information LAPro (pdf, 1MB)